10 tricks for PUBG Mobile Zombie mode | New PUBG Mobile Tricks 2019 February {Updated} 😎


Hi readers, as you all know that PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil Zombie mode is here as a limited time event mode of play in PUBG Mobile.

As of now I’m going to share 10 Tricks of PUBG Mobile Zombie mode that will help you to get Chicken dinner.🍗

  1. First Things First.. drop at places with lots number of houses and high buildings.
  2. Now, Collect as much ammo as you can. You’ll really need them.
  3. Find a vehicle and keep it with you. You’ll need it.
  4. Be in a house or building at the beginning and then fight.
  5. Shoot at the head for a quick kill.
  6. Now, in the second round when you can’t handle that amount of zombie then move the squad in the vehicle and kill all of them by crushing them to your vehicle.
  7. Survive the 2nd wave using the vehicle.
  8. Now, the zone is shrinked and small.
  9. Find the rest of the enemies and kill them.
  10. And when you get a chicken chicken dinner. Don’t forget to share it.


Don’t forget to share this to all PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode tricks Players.❤️



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