Don’t use WhatsApp Mod ! Know Why


Why you should not use WhatsApp mod? Here is the answer.

Hi noobs, Here is a new article on why you should not use modded or modified WhatsApp. I wrote an article on how to send fake WhatsApp location to anyone. That’s also an interesting one. Now we should stick to the topic and continue.

Why people use Modified WhatsApp?

  • Gives them a lot of features than the original WhatsApp
  • It gives them lots of WhatsApp theme customization
  • It provides you with lots of features to hide privacy and messages.
  • it has features that strictly violates the WhatsApp security and Privacy policy.

Reasons you should not use the modified WhatsApp

  • Your WhatsApp could be hacked and they could literally they could read your messages or hear your calls.
  • They could easily access your contacts and other details.
  • Hackers could have your transactional details. If you share your details with anyone on WhatsApp.
  • It seriously exposes your privacy to the hackers.

So, That was it for this article i hope it was helpful.

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